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Android Nokia – The Best Mobile Phone In Nokia? – Normandy Getting Released This Month

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Android Nokia Smartphones!

Nokia getting closer to Android day by day. All these days there were silent rumors spreading all over the internet about the next smartphone nokia would present to the world. Yes, it was about the Android Nokia – the smartphone which people are waiting on theur foot to get their hands over it.

Normandy Prototype – The Android Nokia Project

Normandy – The codename of the new Android project by Nokia has now created a noise out of all the silent rumors. Leaked images and videos add up to the noise. Yes, nobody would have ever thought of, it is the Android Nokia buzz which adds up to the extreme excitement of the people.

Is Android Nokia Confirmed?

Android Nokia - The Normandy Prototype

Android Nokia – The Normandy Prototype

Images and Videos regarding to Normandy Prototype have been leaked. There is almost all the evidences required to confirm that Nokia is going to launch the Normandy project, i.e the Android Nokia. Tech Radar has also leaked up a video which definitely adds up to the evidence. Leaks have provided almost everything required except the launch date. So its definitely clear that it will definitely be launched. What do you say?

There are more than sufficient leaks about the Android Nokia smartphone so we need not think too much, lets just read out further.

How Do You Say That Normandy Prototype Will Be Launched?

Latest Leaks from Tech Radar say that Nokia has created a custom Android Launcher. The concept of the launcher seems to be clean and it is clearly shown in the video leaked.

Launch Event For This Beast

As we said, there is no clear launch date for the Normandy prototype but Nokia has scheduled a press event at MWC 2014. It is said that more than 3 phones are going to be launched at the event. So, there are lots of chances that Nokia might actually push their phones into the Android race. A good competition huh? It is also said that the Normandy Project is going to get official at the same event.

UPDATE: MWC 2014 is scheduled to be held at Barcelona, Spain on 24 -27 February this year.

Expected Price?

The price of the Android Nokia is not at all clear. There is no news relating to the price tag provided for this phone. We just have some random assumptions.

However, the phone is expected to be launched with a price tag of 450$ never sure how it catches up.

Will The Android Nokia Succeed In Giving A Tough Competition?

If you are haunted by this question do read this part, or else you can simply read this part :D

Of course Nokia will succeed in the Android race. People these days are in the search of a phone which will be strong (way too strong actually) and should provide a great battery life. Till date, almost all the phones released by Nokia have these qualities. In fact a Nokia phone had actually saved one’s life by stopping a bullet! Strange but true.

The battery life of Nokia phones is undoubtedly long. Today, battery life is the main reason why people buy Nokia phones. So with Android installed in it, Nokia would surely provide a killer match to its competitors.

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So what do you think about this Android Nokia? Do you like this phone or do you simply hate it? Open up in the comments.

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